Doc Shot on C100 mark ii

Last September I was a one-man crew for a low budget documentary about day traders. The film is now edited and up on Vimeo on Demand. You can watch the trailer here:

The director and producer of the project is Maciej Jonasz, a day trader who has also produced a few documentary films.

We spent a week at one company, following the action and interviewing various traders, from a few guys who were just starting, to guys who’ve been doing it for fifteen years or more.

The C100 was great for this project. Since it was only a one camera shoot and we didn’t want to miss any action, I had to spend a good portion of the day with the camera in my arms. It’s just the right weight to be stable and yet not too heavy.

Shooting people while they are working can be a little uncomfortable at first, but I quickly realized that if we were going to get any good footage and good sound I was going to have be pretty assertive about getting close to the traders. At the same time I tried to be invisible, discrete and polite. Some times, choosing my moments carefully, I prompted the guys with a question.

One of my regrets for the shoot is that I wasn’t more proactive with lighting, particularly in one situation. One of the main subjects of the film had his work area in the darkest part of the room. If I had to do the project again, I would set up a subtle light in the corner. The C100 is great in low light, but there were a lot of screens around. I didn’t want to over-expose them so much that the graphics were not longer discernible. Therefore, this trader, who sat in a shadowy corner, was a little underexposed.

On the whole it was an interesting project. I would like to do another documentary shoot where I’m able to follow the subject over a number of days, so that a little bit of story can be teased out of the footage and the cameraman has to think like a story teller.

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